01 Sheaf Square – Shoreham Street, Paternoster Row, Howard Street, Pond Street, Sheaf Street.
03 Bramall Lane Roundabout – St Marys Road, Bramall Lane, St Marys Gate, Eyre Street. 04 Moore Street Roundabout – St Marys Gate, Moore Street, Hanover Way, Charter Row.
05 Brookhill Roundabout – Broad Lane, Upper Hanover Street, Western Bank, Netherthorpe Road. 06 West Bar Roundabout – West Bar, West Bar Green, Gibralter Street, Corporation Street.
07 Nursery Street – Wicker – Nursery Street, Wicker, Blonk Street, Ladys Bridge. 08 Park Square South – Broad Street, Duke Street, Sheaf Street, Commercial Street.
09 Park Square North – Commercial Street, Exchange Place, Parkway, Broad Street. 10 Penistone Road – Hoyle Street – Shalesmoor, Hoyle Street, Infirmary Road, Penistone Road.
11 Manor Top – City Road, Prince of Wales Road, Mansfield Road, Ridgeway Road. 12 Gleadless Town End – White Lane, Norton Avenue, Gleadless Road, Ridgeway Road.
13 Bernard Road – Parkway – Parkway, Cutlers Gate, Bernard Road, Cricket Inn Road, Bernard Street, 14 Handsworth Road – Parkway – Handsworth Road, Parkway.
15 Owlerton Green – Penistone Road – Owlerton Green, Penistone Road, Livesey St, Bradfield Road. 16 Middlewood Road – Catchbar Lane – Middlewood Road, Catchbar Lane.
17 Fred Mulley Road – Sutherland Street – Sutherland Street, Fred Mulley Road, Attercliffe Road 18 Savile Street – Sutherland Street – Savile Street, Sutherland Street, Savile Street East.
19 Brightside Lane – Hawke Street – Hawke Street, Brightside Lane, Upwell Street. 20 Arena Square – Attercliffe Common, Broughton Lane, Janson Street.
21 Meadowhall Way (Orange) -21 Meadowhall Way, Orange Car Park. 22 Meadowhall Way (Red) – Meadowhall Way, Red Car Park.
 23 Sheffield Rd Roundabout – Sheffield Road, Vulcan Road. 24 Meadowhall Way (Yellow) – Meadowhall Way, Yellow Car Park.
25 Meadowhall Road – Alsing Road – Meadowhall Way, Meadowhall Road, Alsing Road. 26 M1 J34 Blackburn Roundabout – M1 J34, Meadowhall Rd, Meadowbank Rd, Blackburn Road.
27 M1 J34 Tinsley Roundabout (North) – M1 J34 (Tinsley), Sheffield Road, Bawtry Road. 28 M1 J34 Tinsley Roundabout (South) – M1 J34 (Tinsley), Shepcote Lane, Sheffield Road.
29 Prince of Wales Road – Darnall – Handsworth Road , Prince of Wales Road, Darnall Main Road.
31 M1 J31 (Aston) – M1 J31 (Aston), A57 Worksop Road. 32 Western Bank – Clarkson Street – Western Bank, Brookhill, Clarkson Street.
33 Glossop Road – Clarkhouse Road – Glossop Road, Clarkhouse Road. 34 Manchester Road – Fulwood Road – Manchester Road, (Broomhill), Fulwood Road.

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